A surprising Entering of 4

enter 4

I always like good surprises as much as the next guy, especially when a band suddenly comes out with a great new album with no notice. Hjaltalín, the critically acclaimed indie band, came out with a brand new studio album in last December, Enter 4. There had been some rumors about activity in the band which hasn‘t made new material since 2009. Terminal was a great album but this one is truly something else. The albums atmosphere is great all throughout and sometimes you can‘t believe it is a Hjaltalín album.  With the light opening it goes from smooth bass lines to very dramatic heavy songs which make a masterpiece. The song Ethereal is perhaps an expression of depression from the song writer Högni and it truly makes you feel something heavy. A very, very good album from Hjaltalín and the artwork is no worse than the music, with humor in using Teitur Magnússon as a model, who is known for looking a lot like Högni himself.



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