Great danish film making; Jagten (The Hunt)


The Hunt is a terrifically convincing story of a terrible incident. Lucas is a divorced kinder garden teacher who’s great with children and he obviously loves his job. He lives in a small town and a close society where everybody knows everyone. His best friend has a little girl around 5 years old who Lucas often takes care of because her parents aren’t always too careful about her. The girl falls in love with Lucas because of his kindness too her. He is then wrongfully accused of sexually abusing this young daughter of his best friend. This has dramatic effects in the small town as you might imagine. He is abused by the society and almost everyone is convinced that he did it. He tries to hold his pride and he will not be treated like a monster but it is a hard swim against the current. It’s a heartbreaking story and very credible. It’s a known problem for kinder garden teachers that get too attached to kids that they will fall in love with them. The film makes you sympathise greatly with Lucas. It also makes you want to hate the girl but her innocence is also shown well and how it isn’t in any way her fault. All around a well made film which takes you on a ride of sympathy.



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