Hera Björk, the Diva From Iceland


One off the grater singer in Iceland is middle age old women named Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir. She was born in the year 1972 in March 29th. Music is well known in her family and probably did she have the singing skills it with the milk of her mother. She is singer to. Hera was only young girl when she started singing. For her twelfth birthday had she recorded some children´s songs and been in television commercials. Sixteen years old did she won her first singing competition and when she was in College in 1991 she got the second place in national College Singing Competition. After that was her offered all kinds of role in musicals and started singing with various bands. Hera has released three albums and is working on her forth. “Ilmur af jólum” was the first album and came out 2000, only Christmas songs. Then came the album “Hera Björk” in 2006 and in 2010 came the album “Je Ne Sais Quoi”, she made it because she was competing in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo that same year. Now is she working on new album for especially for Spanish-speaking people.

Hera started studying singing and vocal techniques at the Reykjavík Academy of Singing and Vocal Arts in the year 1989. Then in 2004 did she move to Copenhagen to learn more about singing. It was advanced singing technique at the Complete Vocal Institute (CVI). She finished it and graduated as a certified CVI teacher and started teaching it all over Europe and worked as a vocal coach for television.Image

Hera is Eurovision fan. She competed in the Icelandic Eurovision preselection in 2007  but got not very high then. She did though get to the final with the song Mig dreymdi. That year did Eiríkur Hauksson go for Iceland with the song Valentine Lost. But in 2008 and 2009 did she go with the Icelandic entries as a back singer. In 2009 did she compete in Melodi Grand Prix the Eurovision preselection in Denmark. There did it went well on four her and almost won. She ended in second place after duel. Her song was Someday. But in 2010 did she won the preselection in Iceland with the song that she had made with her friend Örlygur Smári. The song name was Je Ne Sais Quoi. She got the third place in the semi final with 123 points and ended in 19th place with 41 points. She has been very popular after that especially for gay people all over the world. Like she made the Gay Pride song Feel the Love tonight in 2011 and became the Gay Pried song that year in many other countries then Iceland.Image

The newest that happened to Hera in her business was that she competed in very big song contest in Chile called the Vina del Mar International Song Contest in February 2013. Millions of people in South-America watch on this contest and is much bigger than Eurovision. She competed with the song Because You Can that she had on her album in 2010. From the first day in Chile did the people in Chile like her and her song sounded all around the country. She got into the final and in the end did she stand as the winner. Now she is working on new album to follow this victory and the songs will both be in English and Spanish. More information about Hera on her FacebookImage

Daði Geir


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