Now-a-days smartphones is one of the most popular thing to buy. They are both expensive and complicated but as well very useful.

First of all, smartphones are very useful. You can use them just like a regular telephone; send small text messages and call your friends and family. Secondly, you can use them as a labtop; surf the Internet, read and watch the news. You can even pay for gasoline on chosen petrol stations. In addition to this, you can use the phone as a good camera, they usually have a great soloution! At last, they take very little space, and its like 5-in-one!

But that is only half the story told, there are also disadvantages. First to begin with; they are very expensive. A smartphone like Iphone for example cost around 100 thousand Icelandic krónur, and that is a lot of money. Second of all they are easy to loose. I lose my phone like 10 times a day, so I couldn’t bear the thought of loosing something so small at the price of a car! To seal the deal, they are easily broken, if you drop it to the floor there is a big chance of you breaking the screen.

To bring this to an end, the cons outweigh the pros, a smartphone is unnecessary and a huge item of expenditure. A few people are able to spend so much money today.



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