Al Andalus Spanish Language School


Are you planning on going to Spain for a vacation? Why not learning the language at the same time!

Al Andalus Spanish Language School is situated in the old part of Tarifa in Spain, just a stone’s throw from the beach and within the city walls which were erected in the Tenth century by Arabs which then controlled Andalucia.
They offer a grand variety of courses; from standard Spanish classes to combined courses such as “ Spanish and kite / windsurf” “ Spanish and gastronomy” “ Spanish and outdoors activities” “Spanish and flamenco” and etc.


The people at Al Andalus believe that the best way to learn Spanish is by tapping into the amazing Andalusian culture and carry out your hobbies at the same time.
Their motto is;  The most effective way of learning Spanish is by putting it into praxis! Apart from doing the traditional grammar part in class they take their students around to nice places and make them participate in the daily life of the Andalusian people.
Tarifa is a great place and everybody can find something of their interest.
Tarifa is cosmopolitan, fun and artistic and very well known as the “Mecca” of kite surfing and windsurfing. As well it is a perfect place to practice yoga and enhance the spiritual part of your life.

Their team will help you making the best out of your stay and offers you a very personalized attention at any time.



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