Gullkistan, residency for creative people

The Gullkistan residency was founded in spring 2009 and is now run all year round, it has grown more popular every year and is often fully booked so you have to organize your trip early to Gullkistan! At Eyvindartunga the farm, where there is room for about 6-10 people.  A work studio is in a renovated barn at the farm: Eyvindartunga is about 10 minutes walk from the village Laugarvatn which is in the middle of the Golden Circle!

The accommodation is fully equipped and there is internet access everywhere. There is  also a small old jeep belonging to the residency which can be borrowed for shorter excursions for a small fee so you can travel around the beautiful neighbourhood area.

Gullkistan has also been a place for seminars, courses in art, exhibitions of art and open studios but the guests so far are mostly visual artists as well as writers, musicians, designers, photographers, filmmakers and scientists.

Gullkistan is very family friendly and they accept applications the whole year round. You can get more info at or on their facebook page. There you can find stories from former visitors and their work,  info about the place, the company, the owners, see many photos and more so please contact if you‘re interested.




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