Equal rights

Sex discrimination is known all over the world but takes various shapes in different communities. All over the world women’s right are not fully respected. Still today, in the 21st century, women in the industrial countries are not getting as high salary for the same work as men. Women are treated differently in the mass media and also on the Internet. The discussion on the Internet about women’s rights and feminism is very interesting. Many people don’t want to talk about feminism but want talk about gender equality.


Feminism is defined as “ the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men”.  It is all about being equal and the genders are not equal today. To change this, people have to change the way they think. It is not just because of men, it is how both genders think. This is why I think that in both middle school and in high school gender studies should be taught. It opens our eyes up on how we look at for example advertises and the appearance-obsession that it revolves around.



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