Your Life Leader

When Christian kids in Iceland are in the eight grade, they are confirmed. The confirmation is a ceremony where you confirm your christening and accept Jesus as your life leader. The ceremony is considered to be the step from being a child to adulthood. The ceremony is very festive. The whole family comes together to celebrate this stage and shower the kid with attention and presents of all kind. Getting confirmed is an option; nobody is obligated to do that. Yet there is this kind of expectation by society that everyone gets confirmed. Families and school seem to pressure kids to undergo confirmation. Anything else is just unusual.
What really bugs me about this is that at 13 years of age you are pushed into choosing Jesus Christ as the leader of your life. You kind of don’t have any choice. Very few of the kids getting confirmed are doing it for the right reason. Everybody wants presents. If the ceremony didn’t include a party and presents, I seriously doubt that many would do it. At this age you just go with the flow. You are not ready to take that kind of decision when you have so little experience of living. This is a decision I think ought to be taken later, when you have found your path in life.

Believing in a higher power is fundamental and has been a crucial part of human life since the beginning. Believing gives comfort and has helped many through hard times. Everyone has to find their own spiritual side and decide for themselves if they want to practise that or not.



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