Hrunamannahreppur, the Place of Yours Dream.


Hrunamannahreppur is one of the oldest municipalities in Iceland. The first men came to Hrunamannahreppur for over 1100 years ago. Those were two brothers Már and Bröndólfur sons of Naddoddur. Már lived on a farm named Másstaðir and Bröndólfur on a farm named Berghylur. Nowadays nobody knows where Másstaðir were but Berghylur is well known and now is there a big sheep farm. Hrunamannahreppur is located in South Iceland in the area Upcountry Árnessýsla. Four municipalities are in the Upcountry Árnessýsla. Hrunamannahreppur is rather big, 250 km2. Two big rivers, Hvítá (Whiteriver) and Stóra-Laxá (The Big Salmon River), make the boundary of Hrunamannahreppur. Hrunamannahreppur have beautiful landscape, green fields, majestic mountains and thriving valleys. Lots of geothermal is all around Hrunamannahreppur and the hot water have been used a lot for bathing, warming up the houses and baking bread for a long time. In the year 1927 the first house got hot water to warm up the house and know over 90% of the residents’ warm their homes with hot water. The soil is very fertile and it is easy to get almost everything to grow in Hrunamannahreppur. Because of that Hrunamannahreppur is the biggest vegetables producer in Iceland. But other agricultural is also big. In Hrunamannahreppur is a small town named Flúðir. About 800 people lives in Hrunamannahreppur including about 400 in Flúðir.

            The community is very good and people help each other if something goes wrong and help is needed. Many choirs are in Hrunamannahreppur (at least 6 choirs) because the people like to come together and sing and have a good time. Lots of others activities are all year round and if you want to know what is going on you can visit the facebook of Hrunamannahreppur and their website.


Daði Geir


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