Quentin Tarantino’s latest projects

Quentin TarantinoQuentin Tarantino is one of the most beloved directors of our time. There is always great fuzz around his movies and once there are rumors of a new film, fans lose their mind over excitement for it. From the Reservoir dogs to Pulp Fiction he has been awarded Oscars and many other awards for filmmaking.  This is well earned by the director who celebrates his success to accurate and incredibly influential filmmaking. His films have a characteristic that they are often presented in chapters which aren‘t necessarily in the right order. He jumps from one scene to another. Another characteristic is the character making, there are without exception characters that are loved by the viewer. And the actors often get rewarded for their presentations of those characters. The latest one being Cristoph Waltz both for his interpretation of the SS-front man Col. Hans Landa in Inglorious Bastards, and his lovable but firm character Dr. King Schultz in Django Unchained.
With those two films being Tarantino‘s latest he has announced that he will complete a trilogy of projects involving history recreation with humorous overtones. That makes the classic Tarantino fan very excited. His idea of a special troop made by American Jews tearing German high up commanders apart is a very fresh and entertaining way of making a war film. That fresh, new, humorous way of looking at the war is the reason for the film’s success. And also in that film, just as the next Tarantino film, we get great character making and great acting to back those characters up. Mostly it‘s the new perspective of history which is exactly what the audience wanted.
djangoTarantino‘s latest project, Django Unchained, was a huge success. He presents the time of slavery in America fantastically through the eyes of one slave who is going to save his wife from slavery. The brilliant characters are fantastically interpreted by the great collection of actors in the film. That says it all about Django‘s acting. The story is all the better. It‘s about a young handsome black slave who the viewer is made to love for his straightforwardness. He is fighting for such a noble cause against so much evil that you sympathize greatly with him. The love of his life is sent away from him by cruel owners and is now working at a big plantation called Candyland. Candyland is owned by a cruel, rich gentleman who is big in the Mandingo fighting sport. Mandingo fighting is two slaves fighting to the death. And then there is the dentist and bounty hunter so brilliantly interpreted by Christoph Waltz. He truly makes the journey entertaining.
I think I can speak for all Tarantino fans when I say that I‘m already waiting for the next film about some historical event. It is guaranteed that there will be great character making and acting and as always we expect the storyline to be exciting and fresh. With Tarantino‘s record he might be becoming one of the most cult directors of our time. I can see that in the future he will be presented as a breakthrough director in the film industry with his brutal fighting scenes involved with all the humor. And the fact the each film he makes seems to be better than the one before is incredible. How long he can last with this standard is yet to find out but I for one will enjoy the ride.

Hafþór Ingi


Hrunamannahreppur, the Place of Yours Dream.


Hrunamannahreppur is one of the oldest municipalities in Iceland. The first men came to Hrunamannahreppur for over 1100 years ago. Those were two brothers Már and Bröndólfur sons of Naddoddur. Már lived on a farm named Másstaðir and Bröndólfur on a farm named Berghylur. Nowadays nobody knows where Másstaðir were but Berghylur is well known and now is there a big sheep farm. Hrunamannahreppur is located in South Iceland in the area Upcountry Árnessýsla. Four municipalities are in the Upcountry Árnessýsla. Hrunamannahreppur is rather big, 250 km2. Two big rivers, Hvítá (Whiteriver) and Stóra-Laxá (The Big Salmon River), make the boundary of Hrunamannahreppur. Hrunamannahreppur have beautiful landscape, green fields, majestic mountains and thriving valleys. Lots of geothermal is all around Hrunamannahreppur and the hot water have been used a lot for bathing, warming up the houses and baking bread for a long time. In the year 1927 the first house got hot water to warm up the house and know over 90% of the residents’ warm their homes with hot water. The soil is very fertile and it is easy to get almost everything to grow in Hrunamannahreppur. Because of that Hrunamannahreppur is the biggest vegetables producer in Iceland. But other agricultural is also big. In Hrunamannahreppur is a small town named Flúðir. About 800 people lives in Hrunamannahreppur including about 400 in Flúðir.

            The community is very good and people help each other if something goes wrong and help is needed. Many choirs are in Hrunamannahreppur (at least 6 choirs) because the people like to come together and sing and have a good time. Lots of others activities are all year round and if you want to know what is going on you can visit the facebook of Hrunamannahreppur and their website.


Daði Geir

The Incredible Invention – Ice Cream.

Ice cream is an incredible invention. It‘s a frozen dessert that‘s usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors. Most varieties contain sugar, although some are made with other sweeteners. In some cases, artificial flavorings and colorings are used in addition to, or instead of, the natural ingredients.

            Before the development of modern refrigeration, ice cream was a luxury reserved only for special occasions. Making it was quite challenging; ice was cut out from lakes and ponds during the winter and stored in holes in the ground or in wood-frame or brick ice houses, insulated by straw. Many farmers and plantation owners cut and stored ice in the winter for use in the summer. Ice cream was made by hand in a large bowl placed inside a tub filled with ice and salt.

            The development of industrial refrigeration by German engineer Carl von Linde during the 1870s eliminated the need to cut and store natural ice.


            You can buy ice cream with different looks and flavors. You can add candy or fruits, sauces and almost everything you can think of. You can buy it in a box or in bread. It‘s good to eat it without adding anything in it but it goes also good with cakes, especially the brown ones.

            If you have a craving for ice cream but all the stores are closed you can always make it yourself. Here is a recipe for a Very Chocolate Ice Cream:


¾ cup sugar

1 cup milk

¼ teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

3 egg yolk, lightly beaten

2 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped

2 cups heavy cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract



1.      Combine sugar, milk, salt, and cocoa powder in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly. Bring to a simmer. Place the egg yolks into a small bowl. Gradually stir in about ½ cup of the hot liquid and return to the saucepan. Heat until thickened, but do not boil. Remove from the heat, and stir in the chopped chocolate until chocolate is melted. Pour into a chilled bowl, and refrigerate for about two hours until cold, stirring occasionally.

2.       When chocolate mixture has completely cooled, stir in the cream, and vanilla. Pour into an ice cream maker, and freeze according to manufacturer’s directions.

The preparation takes about 10 mines, it takes 10 minutes to make it and it’s ready in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Enjoy!




Equal rights

Sex discrimination is known all over the world but takes various shapes in different communities. All over the world women’s right are not fully respected. Still today, in the 21st century, women in the industrial countries are not getting as high salary for the same work as men. Women are treated differently in the mass media and also on the Internet. The discussion on the Internet about women’s rights and feminism is very interesting. Many people don’t want to talk about feminism but want talk about gender equality.


Feminism is defined as “ the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men”.  It is all about being equal and the genders are not equal today. To change this, people have to change the way they think. It is not just because of men, it is how both genders think. This is why I think that in both middle school and in high school gender studies should be taught. It opens our eyes up on how we look at for example advertises and the appearance-obsession that it revolves around.


Your Life Leader

When Christian kids in Iceland are in the eight grade, they are confirmed. The confirmation is a ceremony where you confirm your christening and accept Jesus as your life leader. The ceremony is considered to be the step from being a child to adulthood. The ceremony is very festive. The whole family comes together to celebrate this stage and shower the kid with attention and presents of all kind. Getting confirmed is an option; nobody is obligated to do that. Yet there is this kind of expectation by society that everyone gets confirmed. Families and school seem to pressure kids to undergo confirmation. Anything else is just unusual.
What really bugs me about this is that at 13 years of age you are pushed into choosing Jesus Christ as the leader of your life. You kind of don’t have any choice. Very few of the kids getting confirmed are doing it for the right reason. Everybody wants presents. If the ceremony didn’t include a party and presents, I seriously doubt that many would do it. At this age you just go with the flow. You are not ready to take that kind of decision when you have so little experience of living. This is a decision I think ought to be taken later, when you have found your path in life.

Believing in a higher power is fundamental and has been a crucial part of human life since the beginning. Believing gives comfort and has helped many through hard times. Everyone has to find their own spiritual side and decide for themselves if they want to practise that or not.


A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are a girl‘s best friends Marilyn Monroe sang. Diamonds are beautiful and there is no question that they suit every lady. Diamonds go a long way from when they are found in the earth till they end up as an engagement ring.

These precious jewels are nothing more than crystallized carbon. They are formed when titanic-force pressure and heat causes carbon to crystallize 1.9 km below Earth‘s surface between 600 million and 3 billion years ago.

People desire diamonds because they think that they are rare, but that is a big misunderstanding. It is surprising that diamonds are not so rare as many would like to think. The stones are mined, cut and marked way up and sold with huge profit. Illegal sale of blood diamonds has produced billions of dollars that go directly to cost civil wars and conflicts.



The Kimberley Process is a project that over 70 countries participate in. The project’s goal is to try to reduce mining and sales of blood-diamonds. The project requires that governments in these countries ensure that all diamonds are exported in secure containers. Every shipment must have a special number and a government-validated certificate that ensures that these diamonds are conflict-free.

Most diamonds never get to the market because they are too flawed. The diamonds are judged based on 4 things. First thing is their cut. When a diamond is cut, facets are created and the diamonds final shape is determined. The most popular cuts are round and princess cut. Almost 75% of all diamonds sold have that shape.  The second thing is their clarity. It is a measurement of the diamonds flaws. Perfect diamonds have the clarity level Flawless. Carat is the weight of a diamond; 1 carat is about 200 milligrams. The colour of diamonds is measured on a scale that runs from D to Z. The most expensive ones are Icy White and the least expensive are the light yellow. Diamonds are not only white; they can contain other elements that can affect their colour. Naturally coloured diamonds are very rare and are there for very expensive.


The reason why consumers pay so much for these beautiful gems is because the market is controlled almost entirely by De Beers. They produce half of all the diamonds on the market and they control almost 70% of the world market. To keep the prices up, De Beers has bought extremely many diamonds from other countries to prevent too many diamonds entering the market and by that lowering the prices.


Are you feeling down? Maybe this will help:

1. Think positive, it’s easier.

2. Protect the things you care about.

3. Keep on learning as long as you live.

4. Learn from your mistakes.

5. Exercise daily, it cheers you up.

6. Don’t complicate your life unnecessary.

7. Try to understand and encourage others around you.

8. Don’t give up, success in life is a marathon run. 

9. Find and nurture your talents.

10. Set your goals and let your dreams come true.